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Our Hopkins Kids Team Page

Team Allie's Cats

Team Allie's Cats

Ladies and Gentlemen-
Thanks for visiting the team page for

***Team Allie's Cats***

Scroll down to find each individual runner; click their name and it should take you to their page. If they are a good person, they'll have a custom message on there. Whether you donate to the team or someone on the team, it's all going to fight cancer.

This is our 4th year running. What started as just the five of us has grown to a great event involving friends in the local area, as well as friends and family coming from near and far. The generosity of all has pushed our donations over $20,000 which is amazing. Brian Boru has supported us the last three years, and last year more local businesses joined in supporting .
Huge appreciation to our friends at ReMax Leading Edge, Annapolis Pediatrics, Maryland Monogram and Budding Voices.

So please join us again with your support and participation!

--(But please read the obligatory COVID fine print)--

It's going to be virtual this year. I know at face value that makes it sound a little fake. Mostly, it means the majority of you won't get to see Team Captain, Allie. Due to COVID concerns, we'll be conducting distributed operations on race day. So if you volunteer to run, you'll likely be doing it at a place of your choosing or in very small groups. There are some serious pros and cons.

Don't get to see Team Captain and the rest of her Team Tribunal
Don't get to see the wonderful and compassionate team from Hopkins Children's Center
Don't get to mingle, eat free bagels, and enjoy the rest of the race day tent village

No driving to Baltimore at 445AM on race day
No dodging strollers and potholes on the course
No wondering, "I hope my kids are still at the tent...?"
No judging eyes from strangers for taking your 2 beer ration before the race
No COVID from running/standing in a crowd of thousands of sweaty people breathing all over you
No guilt-driven friends feeling obligated to come to Maryland - you're good to skip (but I expect mandatory participation next year)

So, in preparation of race day Y2K20, Team Allie's Cats is proud to invite you to your own house to run by yourself! Run a 5K or more; whatever works for you. Walk it without fear of being hassled and elbowed by those people who take 5Ks way too seriously. Stop for breakfast, a beer, to go shopping, take your wife, take your boyfriend, take your dog (or take your wife's boyfriends' dog?), run in costume; it's all a great idea because you're running to help kids fight cancer. And yes, COVID has really increased the suck factor in general this year, but think about the kids that have been getting diagnosed and treated for cancer through this entire time period (and will continue). So, let's put our first world problems into perspective, strap on our slightly used running shoes (maybe a few costumes, too) and run it out.

Get a picture, maybe a quick video. The mail is still out if we are getting race bibs this year. So stand by for further instructions.

More to follow for local coordination!


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