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Carrie Kilareski

Carrie Kilareski

Dear Friends & Family,

I hope you will consider supporting my participation on Team Hopkins Kids at this year's Baltimore Running Festival (BRF) as I run to raise money for patients receiving treatment at Johns Hopkins Children's Center (JHCC).

This is my 10th year running in the BRF for JHCC. I will once again be running the 5k race--this is a race I enjoy running with my children. I am excited about continuing to support JHCC.

I have been driving from Virginia to Baltimore, MD for over 10 years now to take my children to receive medical care at JHCC. The only reason that I do that is because it makes a difference! Both of my children have rare medical conditions that they see multiple specialists at JHCC.

This past year, Matt was hospitalized for almost a week at JHCC to receive the treatment he needed for his lung disease.

A couple weeks ago, I met a doctor who is passionate about helping children like Matt and Sarah who have complex medical conditions. He realizes that patients like them see several specialists and wants to create teams that truly coordinate the care and advocate for the family. I am so thankful for this as I have seen with both my children the challenges working with multiple specialists to advocate the best care for my children. I know without a doubt that this will make a difference in care for children.

Thank you for your consideration in supporting us!



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