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Jennifer Greiner

Jennifer Greiner

Dear Friends,
On October 19th, I will run the Baltimore Half Marathon as a member of Team Hopkins Kids to raise money for patients receiving treatment at Johns Hopkins Children's Center. I hope you'll consider sponsoring me.

Your contributions will help provide care, comfort, research funds, and support for more than 100,000 patients seen each year, including children with cancer and infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Every little bit helps! For example:

• $5 buys three diapers for a premature infant, weighing 1.5lbs
• $25 buys a red wagon to use for patient transport (instead of a wheelchair)
• $50 buys one special stethoscope for a baby in the NICU
• $1,000 buys a special needs car seat for a premature infant

This cause is very dear to me: I'm mother of twin sons who were born prematurely and are now flourishing college freshman thanks to the excellent care they received in the NICU 18 years ago. To help my 13.1 miles go further to make a difference in the lives of Hopkins Children's Center kids, please visit Thank you!!



raised of $500 goal

Recent Donations

1. WUWilliam Urasz
2. MHMary Jo Heck
For all those premies who depend on these funds for a chance at a good life.
3. VDVicki Dyson
Good luck on your run. Glad to be a part of the cause.
4. MFMulhern Family
Good Luck, Jen!
5. MBMitzi And Ric Baker
Mothers of twins are the best!
6. CMChris McGarvey