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Team Allie's Cats

Team Allie's Cats

Team Allie's Cats

Update; October 17.
Just days away from race day and we're welcoming a group of runners from two really important groups. First, staff members from Annapolis Pediatrics who were critical in helping our little Allie Cat. Second, Marines from Fort Meade, the command that supported our family with prayers and assistance during this time in our lives. Both are fielding runners, and it's an amazing gesture. Thank you everyone for the wonderful support.

AND PS. Allie just lost her first tooth. NO-BIG-DEAL

***UPDATE: 9/5/19. Come join us at Brian Boru in Severna Park, M on 9.21.19. Saturday night, at a GREAT Irish Bar, supporting kids with cancer. This is a must do. Kid friendly, too. Get a three course meal for $25, $10 goes to fighting cancer. Come join us, or call in a donation to the bar; they will announce it to the crowd!***

We are excited to invite you to our team page, for our third year supporting Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Our team and runners are fundraising to support Pediatric Oncology. Our Team Captain, Miss Allie Cat herself, is a cancer survivor.

Cancer in general has a very high degree of suck. In a kid, it's tragic and heartbreaking.

She was 20 months old when her mom tickled her belly and felt a lump. A few hours later, we found ourselves in Johns Hopkins Childrens Center on the 11th floor learning more about pediatric cancer than we ever wanted to know (in her case, liver cancer). Surgery and chemotherapy followed. Allie Cat was so little that she was speaking only a few words. Her first hair cut was by her Dad with the hair clippers used on deployment because it was all they had on hand and her hair was falling out so rapidly.

Allie turned 6 this past June and finished Kindergarten. Now she is in the Hopkins survivor program for monitoring. When she goes there, she and her big sister bring new toys and supplies to donate. This year, they are helping plan this run (and Emma is running, too).

Families that find themselves at Johns Hopkins Children's Center are given a lot of support, beyond the amazing medical and clinical staff. Child Life Services, Social Workers, and other volunteers are on hand to help the parents, siblings and families navigate all aspects of the treatment. The kids have access to a lot of activities while they are an inpatient. Allie had access to books, games, and movies during her inpatient treatments and surgeries (of course, she watched Frozen over, and over and over again). She also loved getting pushed through the halls in the donated wagons (see the below picture from Saint Patrick's Day, 2015).

None of this stuff is free; a lot of it is donated or purchased through grants and endowments. The same is obviously true for the actual research that develops the treatment that leads to kids coming home.

We know many of you and your friends/families support other causes that are dear to your heart. So do not feel obligated to donate money; we'd just love to see you in our tent on race day, either running or just standing and supporting. We'll also take a collection of donated new items on the list for Johns Hopkins - these are the items that kids use when in the hospital. We encourage you to look over the list so next time you're in the store you stop and grab an item or two. It really makes a difference.

Last year was a blast and our team grew almost 20 runners and over one hundred donors. We hit over $8500 in donations last year, too. That is amazing. We try our best to make fundraising events upbeat despite the seriousness of the cause.

This year Team Allie's Cats is pushing for 15K because Team Captains Allie and Emma think we can accomplish it ($50 hundred million, actually is the goal). So pump your companies for matching donations and help us think of clever ways to help the kids at Johns Hopkins.

Feel free to convince friends and families to join as runners. How often do you get to run through the streets of beautiful Baltimore for such a great cause?

Stay tuned for this year's Team Allie's Cat Team Item (previous years were shirts, but we seem to get a lot of shirts already on race day), and stay tuned for upcoming fundraising activities.

*ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE* - Each runner has a separate and personal web page. So please feel free to get to know by clicking on the list below.


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