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Team Kilareski

Team Kilareski

Team Kilareski

Please help us support Johns Hopkins Children's Center by making a contribution to our team and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance Johns Hopkins Children's Center's great cause!

Both Matt and Sarah are patients at Johns Hopkins Children's Center. This is so important to our family to give back to JHCC.

We are so excited about how our funds will be used this year!!

The Complex Care Team at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center is a new program aimed at helping children with medical complexity, and their families. The more complex your medical condition, and the more time you spend in the hospital, the more likely you are to suffer breakdowns in communication, or mistakes made. The Complex Care Team aims to connect all the members of your medical team, so that the patient remains at the heart of our discussion. The Complex Care Team can be a voice of continuity, and an advocate for family-centered care. This program provides care and resources that insurance companies do not pay for, but with charitable support we can build something that truly fills a need for children with complex medical needs.

We know first hand what it is like without a Complex Care Team and we hope that in the future other families won't have to endure those same challenges.

Together, we can make a difference!



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You are amazing! I'm in awe of what you do.
2. WBWilliam Boots
You are amazing, my hero.
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Prayers of gratitude for your amazing family and your loving witness!
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