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Team Allie's Cats

Team Allie's Cats

Team Allie's Cats

Oct 4 Update-
We want to thank all of you for the tremendous support our team has provided. You are all doing an amazing job fundraising - we're about to pass $6,000 in support of Johns Hopkins Children's Center! That is amazing!

The Brian Boru event was great and I hope those that could attend enjoyed themselves despite the very high noise level.

We'll be making one final push on the fundraising. If anyone has any ideas on how to get to $10,000, let us know! Stand by for race day coordination.

Sept 22 Update-
Thank you to all of you that have helped fundraise by donation or by joining the team to run. You and your families are of course invited to race day, held at Baltimore's inner harbor; right next to the Maryland Science Center.

With one month to go, please continue to encourage your friends, family and co-workers to join the team and run with us.

Let's not forget our fundraiser at Brian Boru Irish Bar tonight, too! Brian Boru is donating $10 for every person that orders the special three course menu ($25). There will be live music and of course a member of the Team Allie's Cats Board of Trustees on hand all night.

***Team - the Brian Boru fundraiser was changed to September 22, a Saturday, at Brian Boru in Severna Park. This seems to be a lot more popular than a random work/school night.***

Ladies and Gentlemen,
On behalf of team Allie cat we thank all the supporters from last years Johns Hopkins children’s race.  It was a huge turn out.  

From Team Allie’s Cats, in less than two weeks of fund raising, your help raised almost $2500 that supported the Pediatric Oncology Center. Again, this is thanks to the generosity and support of family and friends. We also fielded a vibrant and fierce (albeit somewhat non-diverse) running squad of two 5K racers (both of whom placed in the top 7000 racers) and three racers who CRUSHED the .07 mile run. 

The event was not without its subtle challenges and set backs.  The mile walk from the parking area was a little eerie, one team member lost his military ID in the street (later returned by Baltimore Police), there was an alleged pants pooping incident during the children’s race that almost lead to disqualification, and of course there was the Under Armor tent with their fancy massage tables, and thumping music and VIP bouncer that were too cool for our pink shirts.   

Team Allie Cats is now fully into the training season with race day on October 20.  Team Captain Allie has been cross training all winter with big sister Emma.  Lots of skills training; dance and gymnastics (agility and core), swim (endurance) and Jiu jitsu (general bad assery).  They are war-making machines.  Jackson, recently returned from the Soviet Union, is also ready to hit the pavement thanks to Dolph Lundgren’s crack Soviet training team from Rocky 4. 

But the necessity is greater this year.  Team Allie’s Cats needs a deeper bench.  Her treatment has blessedly moved into survivorship - but we still think of those little kids that collect their chemo beads at each visit, and their families ... We hope this year you'll consider joining our team and help us fund raise on behalf of Team Allie's Cats, is either just to donate in support of the hospital or to actually put on the Team Allie's Cats jersey* and run through Baltimore with us. We'd love to make race day even better by being surrounded by family and friends (whether you run or not).

Please come with us this year.  If you live nearby and are able, then run with us.  You can be a hot, sweaty mess; ready to collapse at the end of a 5K and really just running to give brave kids like Allie a shout out (and then scarf down some bagels and beer with the team). Or maybe you’re an ultra marathoner that doesn’t sweat on “easy ten miler” (keep that shit to yourself).  Either way, the money goes to fighting children’s cancer, so I think Team Allie's Cats is the place for you on race day.

We will post highlights from last year's race, as well as other information.

* NOTE: Team Allie's Cat jersey is provided by Team Captain Allie Cat, and features a sleek and majestic purple sparkle cat against a pink backdrop. This is in addition to the Team Hopkins Jersey provided by the hospital. We are a sub team under the Hopkins banner, but they don't seem to mind since it's Allie Cat and we're all fundraising against cancer**.

**NOTE: and cancer Sucks


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Great job team Allie’s cats! Thank you to all the friends, families and strangers that donated to support our cause. We broke $8500!
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