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Dave and Jackson

David (and Jackson) Greenwood

David (and Jackson) Greenwood

Jackson I are personally trying to raise $1,500. This is almost double what we pulled down last year, most of which may or may not have been accidental donations by people trying to donate to Jenn and Allie. It all goes to help the kids, no matter which runner you donate under...but Jackson and I really like winning, too.

Hands down this is a great cause. It goes to helping kids like Allie, and the families that go through these experiences. Visiting a place like Johns Hopkins Children's Center and any of its pediatric specialty centers is simply eye opening. Families fly from around the country to bring their kids to Hopkins with the trust, faith and hope that the staff will do what they do best; help kids. Seeing the kids is heartbreaking but it's also inspiring. This team supports kids with cancer.

I know there are many great causes. Mainstream causes like poverty, veteran homelessness, environmental and animal protection, etc. And of course there are the many forced causes for which we are shamed into supporting (Girl Scout cookies, the PTA, school book fairs, social security (?)). So don't feel obligated to donate because we all have passions in life.
But, if you live nearby, DO feel obligated to stop by and show support though. And to be totally honest, it's actually Jackson who wants to give YOU a unique opportunity to donate because donating is scientifically proven to make people happier, and because he thinks you are just great. Also, we can't come up with $1500 ourselves because most of my extra cash goes to Jackson's Matchbox addiction, and he currently can't hold a job for too long.

Scientific evidence

The hospital would benefit from any method of support, which we discuss on the team's main page. So give money or don't, either way you should absolutely show up on race day and hang out with our team and our Team Captain, Allie. Plus, the Hopkins Children Center does RACE day right.

1. If you sign up to run, you don't pay for the race, you just need to fundraise money.
2. You get free beer tickets to use at the beer tent
3. You get free t-shirts (last year we got an amazing Chickenpalooz running; a Hopkins shirt, a Baltimore running shirt and a bright pink Team Allie's Cat shirt)
4. Hopkins tent has free beer and mimosas. NOTE: The event coordinator will let adults drink before the race. This is highly not recommended.
5. There is food (bagels, pizza, etc)
6. Stroller parking, gear drop off, free beer, etc
7. Team Founder, Allison and Chief of Staff Emma will be there, signing unicorn pictures.

If you're reading my post, then somehow you're connected to my family and my daughter, even if by a few degrees of separation. So we invite you to come join us on race day and meet Allie and other kids and families that navigated this scary experience.

Now just stand by for upcoming fundraising activities.



raised of $1,500 goal

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1. GGrammy
Jackson-Thank you for supporting your little sister and all the wonderful children at Johns Hopkins. Good luck running!

Team Allie's Cats