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Welcome to Maria's Page

Maria Trent

Maria Trent

Dear Friends,

I hope you will consider supporting my participation on Team Hopkins Kids at this year's Baltimore Running Festival as I run to raise funds to support care for adolescents and young adults receiving treatment at Johns Hopkins Children's Center. All contributions go to support novel clinical, teaching, and research programs at Hopkins designed to positively impact young people.

I have now spent almost half of my life devoted to caring for adolescents in practice. In recent years I have seen young people really struggling to stay healthy in changing healthcare and social climate, ​while also embracing the challenge one of life’s key transitions---ADOLESCENCE. While many of our patients are from urban, low-income families, the media coverage of Baltimore does not often reflect diversity, warmth, commitment, resilience, and creativity of patients and families who strive every day to overcome the complexity of urban living. ​

I'll be super slow and steady, but all heart. Will you support me? No donation is too small. Together we can make a difference!


Best - Maria



raised of $500 goal

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Maria, we cheer you on! -The Lenrow Family
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Good luck on the run!
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Go Maria!!!

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