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Leo's Gift: Fundraiser

Dan & Brandie D'Orazio

Dan & Brandie D'Orazio

Dear Friends,

With your tremendous support last year, together, we raised $6,500 for Johns Hopkins Children's Center. We were able to earmark 100% of the gifts for the Child-lIfe Specialists who have and continue to play such a critical role for our family. With the support of your gifts, and other families, we were and will be able to continue to provide a dedicated Child Life Specialist for the Neonatal ICU. While the neonates, are so little, the care that is needed to help their brothers and sisters and other little relatives is so important during these stressful times. We are both humbled and thrilled to be able to continue to return a share of all the love and support we have received during Leo's Journey.

Thank you for your love and generosity!!!

Dan & Brandie


raised of $6,501 goal

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Love watching your love for your sweet child! Makes me smile every time you share. Blessings, Niki Buchanan
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