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Emma's Page

Emma Greenwood

Emma Greenwood

From Emma:

"My name is Emma. I'm running for my sister because I love her and I want kids to be healthy at Johns Hopkins. I remember Allie had chemo and was sick.

Fighting cancer is very hard to do. This is why I am running. I'm going to bring a water bottle so I can run far.

I am trying to raise a lot of money so the kids at Johns Hopkins can get better faster.

On race day, me and my sister will write unicorn pictures for all of you.



raised of $2,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. MMom and Dad
Good luck Emma Jean! We love you!
2. GGrammy
Dear Emma, thank you for helping support your little sister and all the beautiful children at Johns Hopkins. Good luck on the run; I love you!
3. EGEmma Greenwood
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