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Ryan Swope

Ryan Swope

Thank you for donating or just visiting!

As most of you know my father, George, was at Johns Hopkins for an extended period of time getting a transplant for MDS which is a form of bone marrow cancer. I remember going to visit him as much as I could and seeing the pain he was in and what he was going through was tough. Thankfully my father has beaten this cancer with the help of Johns Hopkins and Dr. Gojo.

When visiting him you had to go through the kid's cancer wing which in itself is terrible to know that children have to fight these diseases without ever knowing what is truly happening to them. Walking through the children's cancer area with my wife and seeing families pushing their children in little buggies with IV poles hanging and bandages on them was just heart-wrenching. I remember my father telling me, still to this day, that compared to the children there what he had to go through was never that bad.

The medical staff, doctors, nurses and custodial staff are the best you can find at Johns Hopkins. They always went above and beyond for every patient there.

This is a fundraiser for the children who are fighting every day to defeat the evils of cancer. They need all of the help and support they can get! No donation is too small or too big for that matter. These kids need our help and need to beat this!

Thank you for the support in this and God bless you.


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1. ?Anonymous
What an awesome cause. Thank you for running.
2. HKHolly A Ketchel
Ryan you are an angel for doing this! Thanks for the inspiration!
3. CACarol Arriaga
Have a great run! Thank you for making a difference!
4. RWRick Weber
5. BMBob & Francia McDaniel
Thanks for doing this, Ryan!
6. RPRobert A. Phillips
Hello Ryan, Good luck in the half marathon next month to benefit the children fighting cancer at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Run like the wind! Bob Phillips (PGPD #305)

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